Measure Synchronization in Ultracold Atomic Systems

By Haibo Qiu, Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications

Entanglement Prethermalization in a Bose Gas

By Masahito Ueda, The University of Tokyo

Scalable Quantum Information Processing with Photons and Atoms

By Yu-Ao Chen, University of Science and Technology of China

Entanglement between Rydberg Excited State and Ground-state Spin Wave             

By Dong-Sheng Ding, University of Science and Technology of China

Quantum Fluid Properties of Light in Microcavities

By Elisabeth Giacobino, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique


Robust Quantum Computation with Diamond Defects and Trapped Ions

By Luming Duan, University of Michigan                                                                            

Light Matter Quantum Interface Based on Single Colour Centres in Diamond                

By Fedor Jelezko, Ulm University

Nanofiber-trapped Atomic Ensemble Interfaces: Chances and Challenges

By Jürgen Appel, University of Copenhagen                                                 

Precision Spectroscopic Applications of Cold Molecular Ions

By Xin Tong, Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Highly Squeezed 87Rb Atom Condensate through Quantum Phase Transitions            

By Li You, Tsinghua University


Towards the Ultimate Precision Limits: An Overview of Quantum Metrology

By Luiz Davidovich, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Precision Sensing Using Quantum Defects                                                                       

By Jörg Wrachtrup, University of Stuttgart  

Magnetic Imaging with a Scanning NV Magnetometer

By Jean-Francois Roch, Université Paris-Sud and ENS Cachan

Geometrical Distance on Quantum Channels

By Haidong Yuan, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Single Plasmon Duality and Plasmon-photon Entanglement                                  

By Gaetan Messin, Université Paris-Saclay

Experimentally Accessing and Manipulating Temporal Wave Packets in Quantum State Engineering

By Kun Huang, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, UPMC- Sorbonne Universités