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High Brightness X-ray Sources Driven with Superintense Ultrafast Laser Pulses

By Ruxin Li, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

We will introduce recent progress at SIOM in the development of high-brightness x-ray sources driven with intense super-intense ultrafast laser pulses. We have demonstrated a MeV gamma-ray source of high brightness (1022photons/smm2mrad2 per 0.1% bandwidth), based on the Compton scattering of laser accelerated electron beams with laser pulses [1]. Meanwhile, a compact XUV-free electron laser (FEL) at 30nm based on a 0.5GeV level laser electron accelerator is at the final stage of experiments. These x-ray sources are based on the laser wake-field electron accelerators (LWFA) driven by a home-made 5Hz 200TW laser facility [2].

If a LWFA based FEL at XUV regime is successfully implemented, we would move forward to the FELs at sub nm regime. A 10GeV class LWFA would be necessary, which can be driven by a multi PW laser pulses. We will introduce the latest progress of implementing a 10PW laser facility, including the demonstration of a 5PW CPA (chirped pulse amplification) laser amplifier [3] and a 1PW OPCPA (optical parametric chirped pulse amplification) laser amplifier [4].

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