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One Dimensional and Two Dimensional Spin Orbit Coupling in Ultracold Fermi Gas

By Pengjun Wang, Shanxi University

In this talk, I will introduce the experimental realization of two-dimensional spin–orbit coupling in ultracold Fermi atomic gases. We apply three lasers to couple three atomic hyperfine spin state in ultracold 40K Fermi gases. Through spin-injection radio frequency spectroscopy, we probe the spin-resolved energy dispersions of the dressed atoms, and observe a highly controllable single Dirac point created by the 2D SOC. The Dirac point created in this scheme is robust, in the sense that it moves in momentum space without opening a gap when experimental parameters change. We expect our work to open a door to explore the physics of topological matters in using cold gases.

Earlier Event: May 25
Coffee Break
Later Event: May 25
Poster Session